Our passion for Italian vintage classic bicycles mostly concerns the era from 1950-1990. The bikes from this era and their beauty have been enabled in the first place by technological advances and inventions that made the sport more accessible for a wider public and also lifted the pro tour to a different level. This is mostly due to the famous founder of the brand Campagnolo, Tullio Campagnolo.

Tullio Campagnolo impacted cycling sports through several groundbreaking inventions, which revolutionized the race cycling both commercially and professionally. Even the latest cycling components are based on his original constructions.  Campagnolo is still one of the leading companies in cycling sports.

One famous anecdote about Tullio Campagnolo shows what inspired his work as a pioneering engineer and inventor. Tulio Campagnolo, aged 23 was in a race at the passo Croce d’Aune. He was leading the pack by a few miles before the finish when the steepness of the mountain became too much for the gear of his bike. As Derailleurs didn’t exist at that time, he was forced stop and get off his bike in order to put his bike in another gear manually. Due to the blistering cold and snow he was not able to do this quickly and hence was overtaken by his opponents. With bleeding fingers he screamed out loudly: „Something got to get changed here.“ Three years later he invented the quick release and two years after that he claimed his fifth invention.


But superior and always advancing engineering and technology is only one part of the fascination. Another big component is the style of the brands, the most integral part of the bike.  All the famous brands like Cinelli, Colnago, De Rosa, Gios Torino or Masi had one common trait: the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

The idea of building something for a specific purpose while demanding style and beauty is fascinating even 50 years later. This type of artwork was perfected by Italian frame manufactories like nowhere else in the world.

Faliero Masi was the first who was truly dedicated to this goal so much so that his frames set the standard and started an intern competition between frame builders. He detailed chrome elements and color elements on the frame as perfect as his paintwork itself. Eddy Merckx, one of the greatest cycling legends who rode from 1969 – 1973, created a Masi frame in a similar fashion. For his outstanding design and meticulous work, Faliero Masi was known as „The Tailor.“

The great successes of the improved components and frames were made possible through the collaboration of the Italian manufacturers and the racers who worked closely together for the first time.

LEGENDS – Finally, in professional racing we can see what some of greatest cycling heros achieved on these bikes: